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World Bank approves $42 million grant to Hamas-led Palestinian Authority

March 7, 2006, 8:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile sources report: The World Bank does not authorize a grant of this size without receiving a green light from Washington.

Date Posted: March 1, 2006

How many of you Israelis find yourselves in the same enviable position as Ehud Olmert, able to buy an apartment from the contractor of the project - at a $320,000 discount from the seller's price to anyone else (in exchange for Olmert's expediting the license for the project) - and then selling the apartment at twice its valuation - $2,000,000 * to Left Wing Billionaire, S. Danny Abraham - who then rented the apartment back to Olmert for a fraction of the normal rental fee?

KADIMA INITIAL EXPULSION ANALYSIS by Shlomo Wollins (05 mar 2006)

TOTAL: 25,062

BINYAMIN # Residents Year Founded
Eli 3000 1984
Shilo 1900 1979
N’vei Tzuf 915 1977
Psagot 1400 1981
Maale Michmas 1100 1981
Maale Levonah. 500 1984
total 8815

Adora 191 1983
P’nei Hever 376 1983
Maon 200 1981
Susia 643 1983
Otniel 698 1983
Neguhot 134 1982
Mitzpei Shalem 193 1971
total 2435
SHOMRON # Residents Year Founded
Itamar 557 1984
Yitzhar 440 1984
Elon Moreh 1800 1979
Har Bracha 1000 1982
Avnei Chafetz 964 1990
Kedumim 3000 1975
Mevo Dotan 289 1978
Hermesh 229 1983
Tapuach 450 1978
total 7761
MAALE ADUMIM REGION # Residents Year Founded
Kedar 3000 1984
Beit HaAravah 624 1984
total 3624

GUSH ETZION # Residents Year Founded
Tekoa 1250 1977
Nokdim 646 1982
Maale Amos 299 1981
Metzad 232 1984
total 2427


The globalists prefer democracies over tyrannies because the former are so much easier to manipulate to their will. Take those recent Southern California fires, all started by escaped arsons working in well planned coordination. Not two months after the last flames are doused, Pres. Bush introduces a new forestry bill designed to prevent future fires by handing chopping privileges over every acre of the nation's woodlands to the logging industry in perpetuity. All it cost was a few thousand homes to conjure up the hellish images needed to push the bill through.
Michael Jackson is busted on child molestation charges and not three weeks later comes the announcement that a new anti-pedophilic surveillance system will be introduced to the playgrounds and schools of America, the value of which will likely exceed the logging windfall, plus the added bonus of a national consensus in favor of every neighborhood being watched.
With Saddam's fall, the Iraqis have traded in one dictatorship for another, more subtle one. Spreading democracy means spreading tyranny. Bending a people's will becomes so much simpler when the facade of freedom is instated. Take a look what's been happening lately in Israel.
The globalists are united in arranging Israel's demise and are busy reducing the country to undefendable borders. Are they ever busy! Most Israelis see the Beilin Geneva Accord as basically harmless, when it should be viewed as basically treasonous. Admittedly, the thought did cross a few minds that since the money behind it was European, they were being manipulated by foreigners. But no one uttered a peep when the front man for this funding was announced as one Alexis Keller, who funneled his father Pierre's fortune at Beilin. Papa Keller is VP of the International Red Cross of Holocaust ignoral fame and which singles out Israel for membership refusal. Nor did many understand the significance of Colin Powell of the Council On Foreign Relations inviting Beilin to his office to discuss his "useful" initiative.
The Geneva signing was a publicity stunt coordinated with the highest ranks of the Israeli government and media to fool the Jews out of their homes in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Just previous to it was the murder of three disarmed soldiers, two of them young girls, in Netzarim, preparing the ground for the withdrawal from the village, but what interests us now are the days following the Geneva performance. Here are a number of incidents, seemingly unrelated, but they are not:

* A 90 year old former hack Jerusalem Post TV writer named Philip Gillon dies and Haaretz devotes a page to his removal from our midst. To give you an idea of what a despicable character he was; when the soldiers' vote of 1984 prevented a Labor victory, he wrote that his fondest wish was to see them all die in battle. The page consisted of two eulogies. One was written by Jerrold Kessel, CNN's Israel correspondent, yes the selfsame CNN founded by Ted Turner of the CFR, and other was written by P. Gillon's nephew Carmi Gillon; yes the selfsame former head of the Shabak and it's Jewish department, responsible for innumerable crimes including the Hebron massacre of 1994 and the Rabin assassination, which he planned with Shimon Peres. In his self-serving little piece of mind-twisting, he wrote that he had some personal problems with uncle Philip, who was just too left-wing for his tastes.
* If the irony of Gillon's parting words to his uncle were lost on the readers of Haaretz, the events surrounding another character in the Rabin assassination shouldn't have been. Dr. Yehuda Hiss was the pathologist who changed Rabin's wounds for the public. He also steals body parts from fallen soldiers, hapless tourists, and whoever goes near his scalpel. But these crimes didn't bother attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein who ruled that the Hiss crimes weren't worthy of prosecution. And not one editorial in the Israeli mainstream media condemned this ugly aberration of basic justice. The globalists know if the Rabin murder truth ever gets out, their primary agents in the Israeli government, those who brought us the joys of Oslo, will fall like kingpins and take their Oslos and roadmaps down with them. Media and court manipulation are the primary defences, but co-opting those who once fought to have the facts exposed is useful as well, as we shall soon see.
* After shutting down the popular radio voice of the Resistance, Arutz Sheva, the Shabak started rounding up those pesky local leaders who were likely to organize the fight against withdrawal. Fourteen innocent men have been arrested without charge, and placed in intolerable
prison conditions under an obscure but highly exploited procedure known as administrative detention. The most highly publicized case is that of Noam Federman, who is now a cause celebre in certain rightist circles. However, more than a few clear thinkers smell a rat here. The well publicized appalling state of Federman's incarceration is just too obvious. It serves the timely purpose of scaring away other protesters from public activity opposing the upcoming withdrawal.
* The climax of the manipulation were the announcements of the leaders of the Right that they favored withdrawal. Within two days of each other, Chief of Staff Mofaz ordered the removal of three outposts to begin with, and PM Sharon declared his unilateral withdrawal plan. But the greatest impact belongs to former Jerusalem mayor and Likud stalwart, the Trade Minister Ehud Olmert. In Stage One of his role, he agreed to specially label all products from beyond the Green Line, so importers worldwide can have an easier time of boycotting them. He may as well just have put a yellow Star Of David on the labels. Then, four days after the Geneva ceremony, he declared his advocacy of a near complete withdrawal from those places cited on the labels. AND the timing was not coincidental. By the weekend, Yediot Achronot's poll now showed that over half of Israelis favor withdrawal, with 58% favoring Netzarim first. This shattering change of public perception proves how well coordinated manipulation succeeds in a "democracy."

Last night (14/12/03) I set my book table down at a rally against Olmert at the Jerusalem Theatre. Olmert was being given a freedom award by the Israel Media Watch, an act itself inconceivable enough to sow confusion. We now return once again to that Rabin assassination, which must be kept under wraps at all cost.
The gentleman who handed Olmert his prize was Yisrael Medad, not long ago a central figure in the battle to expose the events leading up to the murder of Rabin. In the months leading up to the assassination, the government-owned Channel One tv channel, its head Moti Kirschenbaum and a director Eitan Oren, staged two reports of a dangerous hyper-radical organization called Eyal, whose most prominent and only leaders were Avishai Raviv and Yigal Amir, both Shabak agents provocateur. Medad led the battle to expose this piece of deadly media manipulation, going so far as to submit a (losing) petition to the Supreme Court to indict Kirschenbaum and Oren for fraud.
Medad lives in those very territories which Olmert decided warranted special labeling and had to be withdrawn from anyway. So why would he give his sworn enemy a prize for media honesty? And there is more. An astute activist at the rally, Gemma Blech informed me,"I attended Medad's lecture at the Ariel College media conference last month. He went over some examples of media bias and repression but didn't once mention the closure of Arutz Sheva. After his speech, I asked him why and he walked away from me without saying a word."
The last person I would have suspected of such easy co-option would have been Medad. That means that everyone is a candidate for it, including, certain members of the Yesha Council.
The speakers at this rally, just didn't get it. They actually accused Olmert of jumping ship for political advantage. Nothing more sinister than that. But Olmert was blackmailed, or bribed, probably a combination of both and ordered to play ball with disaster. Only one suspicious lady at the rally said so: "They got him the same way they got Sharon, through his son. His second son Ariel is a homosexual draft dodger who has more than enough scandalous behavior to hide."
A good try but with Olmert, there is no need to go for his son. Olmert is a crook and always has been. Allow me to present a few choice snippets from my book, The Fall Of Israel (Canongate Publishers, Edinburgh 1992).

pp. 44-45 - Olmert, one of the priciest lawyers in Israel, was accidentally discovered to be one of the most unscrupulous also. !n 1987, police investigating the files of the North American Bank, which was involved in an embezzlement of at least $37 million, turned up some rather revealing information about Ehud.
It seems Olmert had directed a client to the bank who deposited $1.6 million. The client, according to Olmert's own explanation, was a criminal fighting extradition charges and Olmert felt his money would be safe in this obscure bank. And the bank appeared to be grateful for his patronage. Olmert was rewarded with a $50,000 loan, not a penny of which was ever returned. Naturally, such a classic case of corruption would be the end of Olmert's career anywhere else. But in Israel he is considered a candidate for the leadership of the Likud sometime after the present generation burns out.

pp. 284 - The Likud was smart enough to know that flouting the funding law too openly would cause a backlash, so it created some straw companies and a slush fund so that corporations could bypass the legal system...The people in charge of Likud Party finances at the time were Ehud Olmert and his accountant Menachem Atzmon.

pp.285-287 - The Likud pulled another rabbit out of its hat. Israeli law prohibits individual party donations from exceeding $10,000, a sum most Israelis couldn't amass anyway. The answer to its financial woes could be found in sympathetic foreigners if a way around the restrictions could be found. The devious minds of the Likud fundraising team came up with a beauty of a plan. It involved getting foreign multi-millionaires to guarantee bank loans for the party. Now, let's say the Likud couldn't repay the loans, well then, the guarantors would have to pay the tab. And who better to put the plan in action than Ehud Olmert? In March 1991, Olmert flew to London and Zurich on "ministry business." The people he met symbolize all the shady and rancid connections between the Israeli government and money...In London Olmert met with Robert Maxwell and an American magnate named Alan E. Kasaden. While in Zurich, Olmert met with Edmond Safra...
Revelations of Olmert's secret life appeared in Haolam Hazeh on June 24, 1991, and this episode epitomises all the dubious dealings American Jews innocently support when they donate to the UJA. The Jewish Agency sold a losing real estate company, Hachsharat Hayishuv to the Nimrodi family, of Iran Contra fame, in 1988. Yaacov Nimrodi purchased the shares from Bank Leumi, which is owned by the Jewish Agency, which funnels most American charitable donations to Israel. By the mid-1980s, Agency chairman Arye Dulzin, had a tacit agreement with Leumi chairman Ernst Yaphet. Yaphet agreed to let Dulzin do what he wanted with Hachsharat Hayishuv if Dulzin gave Yaphet a free hand at Leumi. Yaphet's hand stole $7.5 million from the bank and ran away to America with it.
Now every crooked deal needs a great lawyer, and who negotiated this theft? None other than Ehud Olmert. He arranged the sale of Hachsharat Hayishuv, supposedly owned by the donors of the UJA, to Nimrodi, who dumped the company at great profit to the Bernard Moss Group in Australia. After mediation, Nimrodi paid Olmert $400,000 for his role in the scam. Since Olmert was about to be sworn in as a government minister, he was forbidden to accept the money. So he resigned from his law firm and we assume the money got to him through other channels.

And these are just samples of Olmert's criminal activities. The same man who would feloniously arrange the sale of a company owned by charitable donors would have no moral problem selling his country the same way. If anyone bothered to actually investigate why Olmert had a political change of heart, they will surely find that he was given a choice: exposure for massive acts of felony, or take our bribe.
A few days before this rally, I attended a gathering of the Ariel College in Tel Aviv. An informed journalist took me aside and said, "Don't quote me. The last act before withdrawal is being planned. They're preparing to frame another Goldstein. Watch out for a massacre or an outrage along those lines."
A woman at the rally had just finished a radio interview. She said, "I was going to tell them there's another Rabin murder in the air. That's how they're going to remove us from our homes."
I asked why she didn't say so. She answered, "I was afraid if I did, they wouldnt let me talk anymore."



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