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"Vote for Kad Dimah - and cry ever after!"
"Vote Kad Dimah - and reap in tears"
"Kadima l'Kad Dimah .....!"

Bumper stickers! Banners!


WINSTON MID EAST ANALYSIS & COMMENTARY March 2, 2006 Email: Please disseminate & re-post. If you publish, send us a copy. Many of our articles appear on Websites at & Outgoing mail is virus-checked.

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

In polls, inaccurate or not, the trend is toward electing Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Kadima Party Jumpers. When one thinks politics in Israel, the tendency is toward defining Left or Right. I submit that there is a third element which I will call the "Hate Israel" Party or "The Kadimites".

These "Kadimites" seem to be following the pagan ways of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Jebusites, the Girashites, the Amalakites and don’t forget the Peresites. None of them follow even the minimal universal law of the seven Noahide laws. The lands of these pagan tribes were given by HaShem, in perpetuity, to the Hebrew people - a gift which no nation or people may change! HaShem abolished worship of idols and human sacrifices. While for centuries the practice of human sacrifice was suppressed - if not eliminated. In recent time it has re-emerged as ‘martyrdom’ for Islam by the Arab Muslims who educate their children from the age of 3 to be ‘Shaheeds’ or self-sacrificing martyrs to their god Allah. Now come the "Kadimites" who, instead of suppressing these pagan rituals and child sacrifice as mandated by G-d, the "Kadimites" are bonding with the practitioners of Islamic child sacrifice, blood lust and human destruction by homicide bombs. Perhaps like the Amalekites, the ‘Kadimites’ have always been there but, not visible until Israel became weaker and then they emerged.

These are ‘Kadimite’ Jews who are hostile to Israel as a nation and will join whichever party exhibits the most hostility toward land ownership and observant Jews. When former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon created the Kadima Party - after his forceful eviction of the Jews from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, Sharon became the man of choice for what became the "Kadimites". Creating a new Party following his sly abandonment of Likud, the "Hate Israel" crowd found a new host and became "Kadimites".

Here was a new Party which had demonstrated it could devour Israel from the inside as a virus - like parasites feeding on its host until the body dies and the virus moves onward. Something like political hemorrhagic fever when the organs of the host slowly liquify in its own blood until the host fades and dies. In this case the organs to be attacked are the cities in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights, with Gaza already appropriated, the holy part of Jerusalem, controlled and desecrated by the Jordan Arab Legion for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Olmert and the Kadima Party Jumpers had been feeding on the Likud host with Sharon leading the way - now only as a vegetative symbol. While in the subversive mode and not yet virulent, they saw an irresistible new Host in Kadima that could feed them quicker and be more destructive. Now - like a loathsome disease - they could swarm and feed on the entire nation of Israel as at a deluxe banquet.

We have already seen the ‘Kadimites’ under Olmert launched preliminary attacks against the Jews of Hebron and Amona using the insidious Yassam shock troops to assault the Jews. The photos and videos of these thugs beating young girls, trampling on young boys and girls with horses flashed across the world’s screens while Olmert bragged about this assault reminiscent of the Russian Cossacks savaging the Jews. ‘Kadimites’ seem natural partners to Islamic ‘Jihadists’ with a shared agenda.

Such viruses mutate and adapt as is necessary to live and feed faster if they can penetrate the bodies’ immune defenses. Mostly they trick the natural immune system to think they are friendly. Even as they begin to parasitically eat away at the body, the immune self-defense system remains asleep or looking for attackers it recognizes as alien. But, ‘Kadimites’ look like friends even when they are actually predators.

The "Kadimites" come from the swarm of Jew Haters who have settled in Israel with a large following in America, drawn to each other by signals whereby they can recognize each other. They can adopt protective cover, calling themselves ‘Left’ - ‘Right’ - ‘Center’ BUT, they are always awaiting the opportunity to break away and be themselves (‘Kadimites’).

The Kadima Party is the quintessential collection of nation destroyers from across both the Israeli political spectrum and with support coming from foreign nations who share the ‘Kadimite’ agenda of dismembering Israel. The ‘Kadimites’ are chameleons who take on the coloring of wherever they are. The ‘Kadimites’ can be invisible to the casual observers who merely see them as Leftists or self-destructive Rightists but now they no longer need to hide their true nature.

Wherever they are, they act the part, say the right things and influence as much and as many as possible without being discovered. ‘Kadimites’ can be politicians, journalists, police, military, academics or the ‘so-called’ average man. All are ‘de facto’ partners in a political ‘Hate the Jews’ Party. We have seen them as Judenrat, Erev Rav, Kapos and - sometimes - as Prime Ministers or the operational leaders of political parties, burrowing deep and changing the purpose from within.

The ‘Kadimites’ now have in their close circle those who were most instrumental in subverting the Parties they came from for years. Sharon was the magnet who drew them out and now, joined together as an operational unit. They were irresistibly drawn to a wild frenzy of feeding on the nation which any self-respecting virus in its growth state could not pass up.

So the Jumpers jumped and landed as fully fledged ‘Kadimites’ which as a new virus passed the protective immune system directly into the ! host body of Israel. These viruses came with titles such as former Mks (Ministers of Knesset), current Mks, former Heads of Intelligence, former jurists and judges - all with sufficient cover. The Jewish nation’s immune system thought the ‘Kadimites’ were a safe normal part of the body and, therefore, not to be attacked. Thus we have the virulent ‘Kadimites’ under the guidance of Ehud Olmert, savaging the host body of Israel. while distracting the people by blaming the settlers for Arab Terror.

The pioneering settlers are Israel’s real immune system and they are just coming awake and alert to a virus attacking the body of Israel. Hopefully, Israel’s military will similarly come awake and purge the Yassamnikim from their ranks - along with the planted officers who met the criteria of ‘politically correct’ now emerging as mature ‘Kadimites/Yassamnikim’.

We have been tol! d that when the Jewish nation gets weak and lets down her guard, the ancient Jew haters would return. The Amalekites had indeed returned only with its altered name, the ‘Kadimites’.

Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Advisory Board and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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