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In the enemy MSM of Israel the following appeared:
Last update - 11:23 21/03/2006
Bush says U.S. military will defend Israel from Iran
By DPA and Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent

U.S. President George W. Bush said Monday he would use military force to protect Israel from Iranian threats, but also restated his desire to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program diplomatically.

Bush, in a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, cited comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last year calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Iran's "stated objective" to destroy Israel is a "serious threat," Bush said as he marked three years since the start of the war in Iraq.

"But now that I'm on Iran, the threat to Iran, of course - the threat from Iran is, of course, their stated objective to destroy our strong ally Israel. That's a threat, a serious threat. It's a threat to world peace; it's a threat, in essence, to a strong alliance. I made it clear, I'll make it clear again, that we will use military might to protect our ally, Israel," Bush said.

Bush's comments come as the UN Security Council contemplates steps to address Iran's nuclear activities and after Iran accepted a months-old U.S. proposal for direct talks on Iraq.

The United States is concerned that the Iranians have allowed weapons into Iraq that have supported anti-U.S. insurgents and contributed to instability in the country. Iran is also believed to exercise influence on Iraq's majority Shiite population.

Bush said the purpose of any talks with Iran would be to raise U.S. concerns about developments in Iraq. His administration has ruled out negotiations over the nuclear dispute.

IN a speech with a Q and A session The president spoke for one and a half hours the word "ISRAEL" was used once in the following context
President Discusses War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
Cleveland, Ohio 12:25 P.M. EST START

Listen, I've enjoyed this. I hope you have, as well. God bless. (Applause.)

END 1:56 P.M. EST

Q Thank you for coming to Cleveland, Mr. President, and to the City Club. My question is that author and former Nixon administration official Kevin Phillips, in his latest book, American Theocracy, discusses what has been called radical Christianity and its growing involvement into government and politics. He makes the point that members of your administration have reached out to prophetic Christians who see the war in Iraq and the rise of terrorism as signs of the apocalypse. Do you believe this, that the war in Iraq and the rise of terrorism are signs of the apocalypse? And if not, why not?

THE PRESIDENT: The answer is -- I haven't really thought of it that way. (Laughter.) Here's how I think of it. The first I've heard of that, by the way. I guess I'm more of a practical fellow. I vowed after September the 11th, that I would do everything I could to protect the American people. And my attitude, of course, was affected by the attacks. I knew we were at war. I knew that the enemy, obviously, had to be sophisticated and lethal to fly hijacked airplanes into facilities that would be killing thousands of people, innocent people, doing nothing, just sitting there going to work.

I also knew this about this war on terror, that the farther we got away from September the 11th, the more likely it is people would seek comfort and not think about this global war on terror as a global war on terror. And that's good, by the way. It's hard to take risk if you're a small business owner, for example, if you're worried that
the next attack is going to come tomorrow.

I understand that. But I also understand my most important job, the most important job of any President today, and I

And so I told the American people that we would find the terrorists and bring them to justice, and that we needed to defeat them overseas so we didn't have to face them here at home. I also understood that the war on terror requires some clear doctrine. And one of the doctrines that I laid out was, if you harbor a terrorist, you're equally as guilty as the terrorist. And the first time that doctrine was really challenged was in Afghanistan. I guess the Taliban didn't believe us -- or me. And so we acted. Twenty-five million people are now free, and Afghanistan is no longer a safe haven for the terrorists.

And the other doctrine that's really important, and it's a change of attitude -- it's going to require a change of attitude for a while -- is that, when you see a threat, you got to deal with it before it hurts you. Foreign policy used to be dictated by the fact we had two oceans protecting us. If we saw a threat, you could deal with it if you needed to, you think -- or not. But we'd be safe.

My most important job is to protect you, is to protect the American people. Therefore, when we see threats, given the lesson of September the 11th, we got to deal with them. That does not mean militarily, necessarily. Obviously, the first option for a President has got to be the full use of diplomacy. That's what you're watching in Iran right now. I see a threat in Iran. I see it there -- I'm kind of getting off subject here, not because I don't want to answer your question, but kind of -- I guess, that's what happens in Washington, we get a little long-winded. (Laughter.)

But now that I'm on Iran, the threat to Iran, of course -- (applause) -- the threat from Iran is, of course, their stated objective to destroy our strong ally Israel. That's a threat, a serious threat. It's a threat to world peace; it's a threat, in essence, to a strong alliance. I made it clear, I'll make it clear again, that we will use military might to protect our ally, ISRAEL, and -- (applause.)


At any rate, our objective is to solve this issue diplomatically. And so our message must be a united message, a message from not only the United States, but also Great Britain and France and Germany, as well as Russia, hopefully, and China, in order to say, loud and clear to the Iranians, this is unacceptable behavior. Your desire to have a nuclear weapon is unacceptable.
And so, to answer your question, I take a practical view of doing the job you want me to do -- which is how do we defeat an enemy that still wants to hurt us; and how do we deal with threats before they fully materialize; what do we do to protect us from harm? That's my job. And that job came home on September the 11th, for me -- loud and clear. And I think about my job of protecting you every day -- every single day of the presidency, I'm concerned about the safety of the American people.


New monuments to "freedom"

Workers Riot at Site of Dubai Skyscraper
Mar 22 1:38 PM US/Eastern
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Associated Press Writer

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Construction on a skyscraper expected to be the world's tallest was interrupted when Asian workers upset over low wages and poor treatment smashed cars and offices in a riot that an official said Wednesday caused nearly $1 million in damage.

The stoppage triggered a sympathy strike at Dubai International Airport, with thousands of laborers building a new terminal also laying down their tools, officials said.

Some 2,500 workers who are building the Burj Dubai tower and surrounding housing developments chased and beat security officers Tuesday night, smashed computers and files in offices, and destroyed about two dozen cars and construction machines, witnesses said.

The workers were angered because buses to their residential camp were delayed after their shifts, witnesses at the site said.

An Interior Ministry official who investigates labor issues, Lt. Col. Rashid Bakhit Al Jumairi, said the rioters caused almost $1 million in damage.

The workers, employed by Dubai-based construction firm Al Naboodah Laing O'Rourke, returned to the vast site Wednesday but refused to work.

Crowds of blue-garbed workers milled in the shadow of the concrete tower, now 36 stories tall, while leaders negotiated with officials from the company and the Ministry of Labor.

"Everyone is angry here. No one will work," said Khalid Farouk, 39, a laborer with Al Naboodah. Other workers said their leaders were asking for pay raises: skilled carpenters on the site earned $7.60 per day, with laborers getting $4 per day.

A reporter inquiring about the riots was ordered to leave the site by an Al Naboodah manager who refused to give his name. The firm's business development manager, Jonathan Eveleigh, declined to comment when reached by telephone.

Al Jumairi said the laborers were also asking Al Naboodah, one of the Emirates' biggest construction conglomerates, for overtime pay, better medical care and humane treatment by foremen.

"They are asking for small things," said Al Jumairi, the labor investigator. "I promised them I would sit with them until everything is settled."

Al Jumairi later said he was being diverted to negotiate with idled laborers at the airport.

Labor stoppages in Gulf countries have recently become common, with some two dozen strikes last year in the United Arab Emirates alone. Most have centered on unpaid salaries and triggered a Labor Ministry crackdown on contract-breaching companies.

The strikes and riots by Al Naboodah workers marred what otherwise appeared to be smooth construction of the Burj Dubai, which is to be a spire-shaped, stainless-steel-skinned tower expected to soar far beyond 100 stories.

Emaar, the tower's Dubai-based developer, is keeping the final height a secret until the $900 million Burj is complete by 2008.

A section of the tower is to host a 172-room luxury hotel operated by Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

The protesting workers are among almost 1 million migrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and elsewhere who have poured into Dubai to provide the low-wage muscle behind one of the world's great building booms. In five decades, Dubai has grown from a primitive town of 20,000 to a gridlocked metropolis of 1.5 million.

NWO other partners in NWO FREEDOM

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World Bank approves $42 million grant to Hamas-led Palestinian Authority

March 7, 2006, 8:36 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile sources report: The World Bank does not authorize a grant of this size without receiving a green light from Washington.

Date Posted: March 1, 2006

How many of you Israelis find yourselves in the same enviable position as Ehud Olmert, able to buy an apartment from the contractor of the project - at a $320,000 discount from the seller's price to anyone else (in exchange for Olmert's expediting the license for the project) - and then selling the apartment at twice its valuation - $2,000,000 * to Left Wing Billionaire, S. Danny Abraham - who then rented the apartment back to Olmert for a fraction of the normal rental fee?

KADIMA INITIAL EXPULSION ANALYSIS by Shlomo Wollins (05 mar 2006)

TOTAL: 25,062

BINYAMIN # Residents Year Founded
Eli 3000 1984
Shilo 1900 1979
N’vei Tzuf 915 1977
Psagot 1400 1981
Maale Michmas 1100 1981
Maale Levonah. 500 1984
total 8815

Adora 191 1983
P’nei Hever 376 1983
Maon 200 1981
Susia 643 1983
Otniel 698 1983
Neguhot 134 1982
Mitzpei Shalem 193 1971
total 2435
SHOMRON # Residents Year Founded
Itamar 557 1984
Yitzhar 440 1984
Elon Moreh 1800 1979
Har Bracha 1000 1982
Avnei Chafetz 964 1990
Kedumim 3000 1975
Mevo Dotan 289 1978
Hermesh 229 1983
Tapuach 450 1978
total 7761
MAALE ADUMIM REGION # Residents Year Founded
Kedar 3000 1984
Beit HaAravah 624 1984
total 3624

GUSH ETZION # Residents Year Founded
Tekoa 1250 1977
Nokdim 646 1982
Maale Amos 299 1981
Metzad 232 1984
total 2427


The globalists prefer democracies over tyrannies because the former are so much easier to manipulate to their will. Take those recent Southern California fires, all started by escaped arsons working in well planned coordination. Not two months after the last flames are doused, Pres. Bush introduces a new forestry bill designed to prevent future fires by handing chopping privileges over every acre of the nation's woodlands to the logging industry in perpetuity. All it cost was a few thousand homes to conjure up the hellish images needed to push the bill through.
Michael Jackson is busted on child molestation charges and not three weeks later comes the announcement that a new anti-pedophilic surveillance system will be introduced to the playgrounds and schools of America, the value of which will likely exceed the logging windfall, plus the added bonus of a national consensus in favor of every neighborhood being watched.
With Saddam's fall, the Iraqis have traded in one dictatorship for another, more subtle one. Spreading democracy means spreading tyranny. Bending a people's will becomes so much simpler when the facade of freedom is instated. Take a look what's been happening lately in Israel.
The globalists are united in arranging Israel's demise and are busy reducing the country to undefendable borders. Are they ever busy! Most Israelis see the Beilin Geneva Accord as basically harmless, when it should be viewed as basically treasonous. Admittedly, the thought did cross a few minds that since the money behind it was European, they were being manipulated by foreigners. But no one uttered a peep when the front man for this funding was announced as one Alexis Keller, who funneled his father Pierre's fortune at Beilin. Papa Keller is VP of the International Red Cross of Holocaust ignoral fame and which singles out Israel for membership refusal. Nor did many understand the significance of Colin Powell of the Council On Foreign Relations inviting Beilin to his office to discuss his "useful" initiative.
The Geneva signing was a publicity stunt coordinated with the highest ranks of the Israeli government and media to fool the Jews out of their homes in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Just previous to it was the murder of three disarmed soldiers, two of them young girls, in Netzarim, preparing the ground for the withdrawal from the village, but what interests us now are the days following the Geneva performance. Here are a number of incidents, seemingly unrelated, but they are not:

* A 90 year old former hack Jerusalem Post TV writer named Philip Gillon dies and Haaretz devotes a page to his removal from our midst. To give you an idea of what a despicable character he was; when the soldiers' vote of 1984 prevented a Labor victory, he wrote that his fondest wish was to see them all die in battle. The page consisted of two eulogies. One was written by Jerrold Kessel, CNN's Israel correspondent, yes the selfsame CNN founded by Ted Turner of the CFR, and other was written by P. Gillon's nephew Carmi Gillon; yes the selfsame former head of the Shabak and it's Jewish department, responsible for innumerable crimes including the Hebron massacre of 1994 and the Rabin assassination, which he planned with Shimon Peres. In his self-serving little piece of mind-twisting, he wrote that he had some personal problems with uncle Philip, who was just too left-wing for his tastes.
* If the irony of Gillon's parting words to his uncle were lost on the readers of Haaretz, the events surrounding another character in the Rabin assassination shouldn't have been. Dr. Yehuda Hiss was the pathologist who changed Rabin's wounds for the public. He also steals body parts from fallen soldiers, hapless tourists, and whoever goes near his scalpel. But these crimes didn't bother attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein who ruled that the Hiss crimes weren't worthy of prosecution. And not one editorial in the Israeli mainstream media condemned this ugly aberration of basic justice. The globalists know if the Rabin murder truth ever gets out, their primary agents in the Israeli government, those who brought us the joys of Oslo, will fall like kingpins and take their Oslos and roadmaps down with them. Media and court manipulation are the primary defences, but co-opting those who once fought to have the facts exposed is useful as well, as we shall soon see.
* After shutting down the popular radio voice of the Resistance, Arutz Sheva, the Shabak started rounding up those pesky local leaders who were likely to organize the fight against withdrawal. Fourteen innocent men have been arrested without charge, and placed in intolerable
prison conditions under an obscure but highly exploited procedure known as administrative detention. The most highly publicized case is that of Noam Federman, who is now a cause celebre in certain rightist circles. However, more than a few clear thinkers smell a rat here. The well publicized appalling state of Federman's incarceration is just too obvious. It serves the timely purpose of scaring away other protesters from public activity opposing the upcoming withdrawal.
* The climax of the manipulation were the announcements of the leaders of the Right that they favored withdrawal. Within two days of each other, Chief of Staff Mofaz ordered the removal of three outposts to begin with, and PM Sharon declared his unilateral withdrawal plan. But the greatest impact belongs to former Jerusalem mayor and Likud stalwart, the Trade Minister Ehud Olmert. In Stage One of his role, he agreed to specially label all products from beyond the Green Line, so importers worldwide can have an easier time of boycotting them. He may as well just have put a yellow Star Of David on the labels. Then, four days after the Geneva ceremony, he declared his advocacy of a near complete withdrawal from those places cited on the labels. AND the timing was not coincidental. By the weekend, Yediot Achronot's poll now showed that over half of Israelis favor withdrawal, with 58% favoring Netzarim first. This shattering change of public perception proves how well coordinated manipulation succeeds in a "democracy."

Last night (14/12/03) I set my book table down at a rally against Olmert at the Jerusalem Theatre. Olmert was being given a freedom award by the Israel Media Watch, an act itself inconceivable enough to sow confusion. We now return once again to that Rabin assassination, which must be kept under wraps at all cost.
The gentleman who handed Olmert his prize was Yisrael Medad, not long ago a central figure in the battle to expose the events leading up to the murder of Rabin. In the months leading up to the assassination, the government-owned Channel One tv channel, its head Moti Kirschenbaum and a director Eitan Oren, staged two reports of a dangerous hyper-radical organization called Eyal, whose most prominent and only leaders were Avishai Raviv and Yigal Amir, both Shabak agents provocateur. Medad led the battle to expose this piece of deadly media manipulation, going so far as to submit a (losing) petition to the Supreme Court to indict Kirschenbaum and Oren for fraud.
Medad lives in those very territories which Olmert decided warranted special labeling and had to be withdrawn from anyway. So why would he give his sworn enemy a prize for media honesty? And there is more. An astute activist at the rally, Gemma Blech informed me,"I attended Medad's lecture at the Ariel College media conference last month. He went over some examples of media bias and repression but didn't once mention the closure of Arutz Sheva. After his speech, I asked him why and he walked away from me without saying a word."
The last person I would have suspected of such easy co-option would have been Medad. That means that everyone is a candidate for it, including, certain members of the Yesha Council.
The speakers at this rally, just didn't get it. They actually accused Olmert of jumping ship for political advantage. Nothing more sinister than that. But Olmert was blackmailed, or bribed, probably a combination of both and ordered to play ball with disaster. Only one suspicious lady at the rally said so: "They got him the same way they got Sharon, through his son. His second son Ariel is a homosexual draft dodger who has more than enough scandalous behavior to hide."
A good try but with Olmert, there is no need to go for his son. Olmert is a crook and always has been. Allow me to present a few choice snippets from my book, The Fall Of Israel (Canongate Publishers, Edinburgh 1992).

pp. 44-45 - Olmert, one of the priciest lawyers in Israel, was accidentally discovered to be one of the most unscrupulous also. !n 1987, police investigating the files of the North American Bank, which was involved in an embezzlement of at least $37 million, turned up some rather revealing information about Ehud.
It seems Olmert had directed a client to the bank who deposited $1.6 million. The client, according to Olmert's own explanation, was a criminal fighting extradition charges and Olmert felt his money would be safe in this obscure bank. And the bank appeared to be grateful for his patronage. Olmert was rewarded with a $50,000 loan, not a penny of which was ever returned. Naturally, such a classic case of corruption would be the end of Olmert's career anywhere else. But in Israel he is considered a candidate for the leadership of the Likud sometime after the present generation burns out.

pp. 284 - The Likud was smart enough to know that flouting the funding law too openly would cause a backlash, so it created some straw companies and a slush fund so that corporations could bypass the legal system...The people in charge of Likud Party finances at the time were Ehud Olmert and his accountant Menachem Atzmon.

pp.285-287 - The Likud pulled another rabbit out of its hat. Israeli law prohibits individual party donations from exceeding $10,000, a sum most Israelis couldn't amass anyway. The answer to its financial woes could be found in sympathetic foreigners if a way around the restrictions could be found. The devious minds of the Likud fundraising team came up with a beauty of a plan. It involved getting foreign multi-millionaires to guarantee bank loans for the party. Now, let's say the Likud couldn't repay the loans, well then, the guarantors would have to pay the tab. And who better to put the plan in action than Ehud Olmert? In March 1991, Olmert flew to London and Zurich on "ministry business." The people he met symbolize all the shady and rancid connections between the Israeli government and money...In London Olmert met with Robert Maxwell and an American magnate named Alan E. Kasaden. While in Zurich, Olmert met with Edmond Safra...
Revelations of Olmert's secret life appeared in Haolam Hazeh on June 24, 1991, and this episode epitomises all the dubious dealings American Jews innocently support when they donate to the UJA. The Jewish Agency sold a losing real estate company, Hachsharat Hayishuv to the Nimrodi family, of Iran Contra fame, in 1988. Yaacov Nimrodi purchased the shares from Bank Leumi, which is owned by the Jewish Agency, which funnels most American charitable donations to Israel. By the mid-1980s, Agency chairman Arye Dulzin, had a tacit agreement with Leumi chairman Ernst Yaphet. Yaphet agreed to let Dulzin do what he wanted with Hachsharat Hayishuv if Dulzin gave Yaphet a free hand at Leumi. Yaphet's hand stole $7.5 million from the bank and ran away to America with it.
Now every crooked deal needs a great lawyer, and who negotiated this theft? None other than Ehud Olmert. He arranged the sale of Hachsharat Hayishuv, supposedly owned by the donors of the UJA, to Nimrodi, who dumped the company at great profit to the Bernard Moss Group in Australia. After mediation, Nimrodi paid Olmert $400,000 for his role in the scam. Since Olmert was about to be sworn in as a government minister, he was forbidden to accept the money. So he resigned from his law firm and we assume the money got to him through other channels.

And these are just samples of Olmert's criminal activities. The same man who would feloniously arrange the sale of a company owned by charitable donors would have no moral problem selling his country the same way. If anyone bothered to actually investigate why Olmert had a political change of heart, they will surely find that he was given a choice: exposure for massive acts of felony, or take our bribe.
A few days before this rally, I attended a gathering of the Ariel College in Tel Aviv. An informed journalist took me aside and said, "Don't quote me. The last act before withdrawal is being planned. They're preparing to frame another Goldstein. Watch out for a massacre or an outrage along those lines."
A woman at the rally had just finished a radio interview. She said, "I was going to tell them there's another Rabin murder in the air. That's how they're going to remove us from our homes."
I asked why she didn't say so. She answered, "I was afraid if I did, they wouldnt let me talk anymore."


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Saudi Arabia becomes WTO member
Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 11, 2005

The World Trade Organization on Friday approved Saudi Arabia's bid to become the 149th member of the global body, winding up a 12-year negotiating process slowed by the country's participation in the Arab League boycott of Israel.

The acceptance by all WTO members is necessary before a new member can be admitted, and Saudi Arabia made a number of agreements with different countries on opening up its markets.

Itzhak Levanon, Israel's ambassador to the WTO, said Saudi Arabia had provided sufficient guarantees in its accession process that it would follow the WTO's rules, which include "not having a boycott against anyone else inside the organization."

"Such types of boycotts within the WTO are totally unacceptable," Levanon told The Associated Press. "As soon as Saudi Arabia accepted all these rules, the door has been open for future relations when the moment is ready for that."

But Prince Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia's assistant minister for petroleum affairs, was less clear: "They are a member and we are a member. We are just there as members of the WTO. Nothing more."

Saudi Arabia got Washington's approval for its membership in September. US Trade Representative Rob Portman said then that the US agreed based on negotiations that included in part the oil-rich kingdom's agreement to have trade relations with all WTO members.

WTO chief Pascal Lamy welcomed the new membership, saying, "it's good for Saudi Arabia, it's good for Saudi Arabia's trading partners and it's good for the organization."

By extending membership to Saudi Arabia "The WTO truly becomes a 'World Trade Organization,"' Lamy said. "It is the world's 13th largest merchandise exporter and the 23rd largest importer."

"One more heavyweight around the table (is) good news," he said.

Saudi Arabia will become a member on Dec. 11, two days ahead of the organization's Hong Kong ministerial summit, said WTO spokesman Keith Rockwell. At that meeting WTO members are supposed to agree on an outline deal to boost the world's economy by lowering trade barriers.

"Saudi Arabia has always believed in a free economy and liberal market operations," Saudi Trade and Industry Minister Hashim A. Yamani said at WTO headquarters in Geneva. "The accession will further integrate Saudi Arabia's economy into the world economy."

Prince Abdulaziz said the accession would not affect oil prices, but would help bolster energy security.
Copyright 1995-2006 The Jerusalem Post -

Saudi Arabia lifts Israel embargo

In a move meant to pave the way for its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), Saudi Arabia on Tuesday cancelled its economic embargo against Israel, itself a WTO member state.

Under the bylaws of the WTO charter, no member nation may impose an economic embargo on another member state. As a member of the Arab League, Saudi Arabia participated in a joint embargo on Israel for many years, despite its desire to enter the organization. During 12 years of negotiations with the WTO, the Arab nation refused to lift its embargo against Israel - until today.

The Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry said that in the near future a number of major international electronic, automotive, and foodstuff companies will begin business relationships with Israeli firms as a result of the lifting of the embargo. A spokesperson of the ministry stressed that although the embargo's effects as of late were minimal, the move still represented a major step that would encourage international investment in Israel and increase its exports.

The lifting of the embargo also suggested that Israel and Saudi Arabia would commence business and trade relations.

Head of the foreign trade wing of the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry Yair Shiran said that the Saudi decision set an especially important precedent, considering the fact that a number of Arab nations were in the process of acquiring WTO themselves. Any Arab nation wishing to become a WTO member country would unequivocally be required to forego the Arab League's embargo of Israel.

The Saudi decision was the result of its renewed dialogue with the United States in order to gain acceptance into the organization. As part of the newly improved US-Saudi relations, a joint committee was to be formed consisting of both Saudi and American representatives, including US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The committee will convene to discuss military and terror-related issues, as well as economic and energy matters.

Next month Saudi Arabia will be formally accepted into the organization. WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy welcomed Saudi Arabia's entrance, saying, "Today's decision is a historic event for the WTO."

Copyright 1995-2006 The Jerusalem Post -

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia will host Israel boycott event

Despite a promise made to Washington last November to drop its economic boycott of Israel, Saudi Arabia plans to host a major international conference next week aimed at promoting a continued trade embargo on the Jewish state, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The Post also found that the kingdom continues to prohibit entry to products made in Israel or to foreign-made goods containing Israeli components, in violation of pledges made by senior Saudi officials to the Bush administration last year.

"Next week, we will hold the ninth annual meeting for the boycott of Israel here in Jidda," Ambassador Salem el-Honi, high commissioner of the Organization for the Islamic Conference's (OIC) Islamic Office for the Boycott of Israel, said in a telephone interview.

"All 57 OIC member states will attend, and we will discuss coordination among the various offices to strengthen the boycott," he said, noting that the meeting is held every March.

The OIC, consisting of 57 Muslim countries, is based in Jidda, as is its boycott office.

Honi, a former Saudi diplomat, has headed the boycott office for the past four years.

The scheduled gathering is listed on the OIC's official Web site in a section entitled "Provisional Calendar of Meetings."

Hamed Salah a-Din, of the OIC General Secretariat, confirmed in a telephone interview that the conference would take place from March 13 to 15, describing it as "our regular annual meeting about the boycott."

The Saudi decision to host the parley appears to run counter to assurances that Riyadh gave the Bush administration when Saudi Arabia was seeking entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

On November 11, the WTO's ruling general council voted to grant Saudi Arabia entry into the prestigious group, which aims to promote international free trade, after it agreed to scrap restrictions on doing business with Israel.

Christin Baker, the assistant US trade representative for public and media affairs, told the Post via e-mail that the US had "ensured that Saudi Arabia in its recent accession to the WTO has taken on all rights and obligations with respect to all WTO members, including Israel."

"Saudi Arabia," she said, "did not invoke the non-application provisions of the WTO agreement with respect to any member," meaning that it must treat all members equally, "including Israel."

Likewise, in hearings last month before the US Senate Finance Committee, US trade representative Rob Portman insisted that the Saudis "have a responsibility to treat Israel as any other member of the WTO."

"We've received assurances from Saudi Arabia," Portman said in separate testimony before the US House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee. "They will abide by their WTO commitments."
Nonetheless, the Post has found, Saudi customs officials continue to enforce the boycott, asserting that no Israeli-made goods be allowed into the country.

"Absolutely not - if it is from Israel it is not allowed," Hamad Abdul Aziz of the Saudi Customs Department at Jidda's Islamic seaport said by phone. "I checked with my manager, and he said it is completely forbidden."

Similarly, a Saudi customs official at King Abdul Aziz Airport outside Jidda also said that Israeli goods were not allowed into the kingdom. "It is prohibited," he said. "It is not allowed to bring any goods made in Israel, whether the whole item or only part of it was made there. That is the rule."

In December, just weeks after being allowed into the WTO, Saudi officials were quoted in the Arab press as insisting that the boycott of Israel would continue. This has raised concerns in Washington that the Saudis are not planning to live up to their commitment.

Baker revealed to the Post that "a team of anti-boycott experts from the US departments of Commerce and State has been visiting the region to discuss efforts to eliminate the boycott."

She added that later this month, "a senior USTR official plans to visit Saudi Arabia and will again seek assurances that Saudi Arabia understands and remains committed to its WTO obligations."

Copyright 1995-2006 The Jerusalem Post -
2006 News Story

Arab League foreign ministers conclude meeting in Cairo

The Arab League Council of Foreign Ministers concluded its meeting in Cairo yesterday. The Saudi delegation was led by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nizar Madani.

The Council reaffirmed that the Arab Peace Initiative is the only way to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the region. The ministers stressed that the Palestinian Authority is a full partner in the peace process.

The Council called on Iran to reconsider its rejection of a peaceful resolution of the dispute between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iran over three Arabian Gulf islands (Lesser and Greater Tunb and Abu Mousa), currently occupied by Iran.

2005 Foreign Relations News Story

King Abdullah hosts former President Bush
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz met with former US President George H.W. Bush yesterday, and held a dinner in his honor. Former President Bush left today after a two-day visit to the Kingdom.

Commerce Minister: Kingdom will honor its WTO commitments
In remarks to the press, Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Hashem Yamani again highlighted the importance of Saudi Arabia’s admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO). He stressed the Kingdom’s intent to honor its commitments towards the WTO, including cutting agricultural subsidies by 13.3 percent next year as well as reducing tariffs on some commodities.

Yamani headed Saudi Arabia’s delegation to the WTO meeting in Hong Kong, the Kingdom’s first as a full member of the organization since officially entering the trade organization on December 11.

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"Vote for Kad Dimah - and cry ever after!"
"Vote Kad Dimah - and reap in tears"
"Kadima l'Kad Dimah .....!"

Bumper stickers! Banners!


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by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

In polls, inaccurate or not, the trend is toward electing Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the Kadima Party Jumpers. When one thinks politics in Israel, the tendency is toward defining Left or Right. I submit that there is a third element which I will call the "Hate Israel" Party or "The Kadimites".

These "Kadimites" seem to be following the pagan ways of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Jebusites, the Girashites, the Amalakites and don’t forget the Peresites. None of them follow even the minimal universal law of the seven Noahide laws. The lands of these pagan tribes were given by HaShem, in perpetuity, to the Hebrew people - a gift which no nation or people may change! HaShem abolished worship of idols and human sacrifices. While for centuries the practice of human sacrifice was suppressed - if not eliminated. In recent time it has re-emerged as ‘martyrdom’ for Islam by the Arab Muslims who educate their children from the age of 3 to be ‘Shaheeds’ or self-sacrificing martyrs to their god Allah. Now come the "Kadimites" who, instead of suppressing these pagan rituals and child sacrifice as mandated by G-d, the "Kadimites" are bonding with the practitioners of Islamic child sacrifice, blood lust and human destruction by homicide bombs. Perhaps like the Amalekites, the ‘Kadimites’ have always been there but, not visible until Israel became weaker and then they emerged.

These are ‘Kadimite’ Jews who are hostile to Israel as a nation and will join whichever party exhibits the most hostility toward land ownership and observant Jews. When former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon created the Kadima Party - after his forceful eviction of the Jews from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, Sharon became the man of choice for what became the "Kadimites". Creating a new Party following his sly abandonment of Likud, the "Hate Israel" crowd found a new host and became "Kadimites".

Here was a new Party which had demonstrated it could devour Israel from the inside as a virus - like parasites feeding on its host until the body dies and the virus moves onward. Something like political hemorrhagic fever when the organs of the host slowly liquify in its own blood until the host fades and dies. In this case the organs to be attacked are the cities in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights, with Gaza already appropriated, the holy part of Jerusalem, controlled and desecrated by the Jordan Arab Legion for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

Olmert and the Kadima Party Jumpers had been feeding on the Likud host with Sharon leading the way - now only as a vegetative symbol. While in the subversive mode and not yet virulent, they saw an irresistible new Host in Kadima that could feed them quicker and be more destructive. Now - like a loathsome disease - they could swarm and feed on the entire nation of Israel as at a deluxe banquet.

We have already seen the ‘Kadimites’ under Olmert launched preliminary attacks against the Jews of Hebron and Amona using the insidious Yassam shock troops to assault the Jews. The photos and videos of these thugs beating young girls, trampling on young boys and girls with horses flashed across the world’s screens while Olmert bragged about this assault reminiscent of the Russian Cossacks savaging the Jews. ‘Kadimites’ seem natural partners to Islamic ‘Jihadists’ with a shared agenda.

Such viruses mutate and adapt as is necessary to live and feed faster if they can penetrate the bodies’ immune defenses. Mostly they trick the natural immune system to think they are friendly. Even as they begin to parasitically eat away at the body, the immune self-defense system remains asleep or looking for attackers it recognizes as alien. But, ‘Kadimites’ look like friends even when they are actually predators.

The "Kadimites" come from the swarm of Jew Haters who have settled in Israel with a large following in America, drawn to each other by signals whereby they can recognize each other. They can adopt protective cover, calling themselves ‘Left’ - ‘Right’ - ‘Center’ BUT, they are always awaiting the opportunity to break away and be themselves (‘Kadimites’).

The Kadima Party is the quintessential collection of nation destroyers from across both the Israeli political spectrum and with support coming from foreign nations who share the ‘Kadimite’ agenda of dismembering Israel. The ‘Kadimites’ are chameleons who take on the coloring of wherever they are. The ‘Kadimites’ can be invisible to the casual observers who merely see them as Leftists or self-destructive Rightists but now they no longer need to hide their true nature.

Wherever they are, they act the part, say the right things and influence as much and as many as possible without being discovered. ‘Kadimites’ can be politicians, journalists, police, military, academics or the ‘so-called’ average man. All are ‘de facto’ partners in a political ‘Hate the Jews’ Party. We have seen them as Judenrat, Erev Rav, Kapos and - sometimes - as Prime Ministers or the operational leaders of political parties, burrowing deep and changing the purpose from within.

The ‘Kadimites’ now have in their close circle those who were most instrumental in subverting the Parties they came from for years. Sharon was the magnet who drew them out and now, joined together as an operational unit. They were irresistibly drawn to a wild frenzy of feeding on the nation which any self-respecting virus in its growth state could not pass up.

So the Jumpers jumped and landed as fully fledged ‘Kadimites’ which as a new virus passed the protective immune system directly into the ! host body of Israel. These viruses came with titles such as former Mks (Ministers of Knesset), current Mks, former Heads of Intelligence, former jurists and judges - all with sufficient cover. The Jewish nation’s immune system thought the ‘Kadimites’ were a safe normal part of the body and, therefore, not to be attacked. Thus we have the virulent ‘Kadimites’ under the guidance of Ehud Olmert, savaging the host body of Israel. while distracting the people by blaming the settlers for Arab Terror.

The pioneering settlers are Israel’s real immune system and they are just coming awake and alert to a virus attacking the body of Israel. Hopefully, Israel’s military will similarly come awake and purge the Yassamnikim from their ranks - along with the planted officers who met the criteria of ‘politically correct’ now emerging as mature ‘Kadimites/Yassamnikim’.

We have been tol! d that when the Jewish nation gets weak and lets down her guard, the ancient Jew haters would return. The Amalekites had indeed returned only with its altered name, the ‘Kadimites’.

Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Advisory Board and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Israeli Election
U.S. Envoy for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch Photo: AP

Report: U.S. asked PA to help Kadima

According to London-based Arabic-language daily al-Quds al-Arabi, U.S. Envoy Welch asked leader Abbas to postpone formation of Hamas-led government till after Israeli elections on March 28 to boost Kadima’s odds
Roee Nahmias

American interference in elections? Washington has asked the Palestinians to delay the formation of a Hamas-led government until after the March 28 general elections in Israel for fears that the Islamic group’s effective control of Palestinian affairs might weaken Kadima’s showing in the poll.
According to the London-based Arabic daily al-Quds al-Arabi, David Welch, the U.S. Envoy for Near Eastern Affairs, told leader Mahmoud Abbas on a visit last week that Washington wishes to see the formation of a Hamas-led government delayed.

Under Palestinian law, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ designated prime minister, has five weeks to form a government since Abbas officially appointed him to form a new administration on February 21.

Palestinian sources told the newspaper that the Bush administration believes Hamas’ presence at the helm will boost the showing of “the Israeli extreme right” at the polls. Washington is especially concerned that Likud’s victory in the elections will hinder its efforts to revive Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. The source said Washington prefers a Kadima win.

The paper reported that the U.S. government has no immediate agenda to revive long-stalled peace talks and is postponing a more active role in the region till after the elections in Israel.
Abbas told U.S. officials that Hamas should be allowed to govern and “there are no attempts to unseat a Hamas-led government in the future.”
After his meeting with Palestinian officials on Saturday, Welch said the U.S. continues "to be devoted to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people and we shall remain so."

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Welch told Palestinian officials that U.S. aid would be redirected, but did not specify.
Erekat noted that hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid flow directly into infrastructure projects every year, and not into Palestinian government coffers.
Abbas said in a weekend interview that the Welch told him the United States respects the “democratic choice of the Palestinian people.”



CATCHY TITLE must be the envy of All of Foggy Bottom
There is urgency on the part of the "west" dhimnitude peoples listed below to maintain the state
of hudna in their own PRO-ISLAM
pre states . They all hope to avoid attacks on their native soil by aiding the Islamic forces that seek to destroy Israel.
By paying up their dhimni tax or TRIBUTE they feel they can defer their 'quarrel' with
Islam for a later date.

Office of the Special Envoy for Disengagement

25 February, 2006
Tuesday, February 28, 2006; 7:04 AM

Dear Colleagues,

Following our telephone conference on Monday and further to my note from yesterday I am providing, as requested, an update on the PA's financial situation.

Unless a solution is found, we may be facing the financial collapse of the PA within two weeks. And the first target is even sooner -- I am advised by the Acting PA Minister of Finance that he requires $60-80 million next week to begin to pay wages. I know I do not need to tell each of you that the failure to pay salaries may have wide-ranging consequences - not only for the Palestinian economy but also for security and stability for both the Palestinians and the Israelis. And it comes at a time when Israel prepares for elections.

At your meeting in London on 30 January, we had reason to expect that the financing needs of the transitional PA government could be met if Israel was to continue the transfers and the World Bank would pay out the Trust Fund in full. Even with that expectation, you 'expressed concern over the fiscal situation of the Palestinian Authority and urged measures to facilitate the work of the caretaker government to stabilize public finances'.

In fact the situation has worsened and the PA Ministry of Finance now faces a budget deficit of at least US$ 260 million over the expected remaining lifespan of the caretaker government (February and March) mainly because of Israel's decision to withhold tax and customs revenue transfers of up to US$ 130 million. To date the PA has identified funding for this period of roughly US$ 90-150 million leaving a financing gap of US$ 110-170 million.

At the same time, the US has requested the PA return an earlier contribution of US$ 50 million for infrastructure projects. This and the PA's obligation to service outstanding loans may increase the budget deficit in February and March to US$ 370 million.

It can be said that we are in the midst of directly undermining the policy set by you on 30 January which I had understood was set to avoid the collapse of the PA and to allow us all to work together to find a way through this crisis. Without a better effort, public finances will not be stabilised and there will be no alternative but deterioration in the overall situation -- which, is something I hope we all wish to avoid. We can do better -- even with the constraints under which we are all operating.

As indicated in the attached table (Annex A), the PA's monthly expenditures amount to US$ 165 million. The PA's income in February is expected to be US$ 35 million in domestic tax revenues -- less if banks withhold funds owed to them. Following my recent visit to the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has now confirmed that a contribution of US$ 20 million will be made in February. Norway and Russia are in the process of finalising the modalities and timing of a contribution of US$ 10 million each.

The European Commission continues to be generous in its support to the Palestinian people, up to a total of US$ 138 million. This includes US$ 76 million for UNRWA. The EC has reacted promptly to the unfolding crisis situation and is offering an interim emergency relief contribution of US$ 48 million which will be used to pay different Palestinian and Israeli utility companies. The EC is also prepared to support payment from the World Bank Trust Fund of a contribution by them of up to US$ 24 million.

The current discussion among contributors to the World Bank Trust Fund will lead to a disbursement of up to US$ 60 million in March. A decision regarding the amount and timeframe of the payments is expect early this week, although it may be that only US$ 30 million will be disbursed due to the PA's failure to reach the required benchmarks. Donors are currently debating whether or not to pay out fully. The final amount will be extremely important and a decision should be made quickly to get preparations underway for an actual payment.

So to repeat, our very immediate concern is the financing gap in February and March:

i) GoI may wish to consider ways in which it maintains its decision not to support Hamas but find an alternative route to pay the clearance revenues, for example assist the Palestinian people to pay fuel bills owed to the Israeli private sector; this could free roughly $60 million monthly to be collected from petrol stations;

ii) the Arab countries must continue to support the PA with additional funds in the interest of general Middle East stability, given the current level of oil revenues; we should seek to engage them in a truly international effort - it cannot be that the burden of support falls on only a few donors; and

iii) The Word Bank Trust Fund must consider carefully how much it can release for the next salary payments.

The short-term issues are clearly dominant. However, assuming that we are able to see our way through to overcoming the immediate crisis in this way, we must also be aware that in the absence of a cohesive strategy to address longer-term development needs of the Palestinian people, all efforts to promote institution-building and self-sufficiency will come to a stand-still. The Palestinian economy will be starved of finances that are normally channelled by way of PA salaries and capital investment. This loss will likely be compounded by a reduction in the number of labourers working in Israel and in the movement of goods which in turn will lead to a further deterioration in an already embattled economy and lead to a further drop in domestic revenues. This can only lead to greater discontent.

Suggestions I have heard in recent days indicate a high degree of uncertainty in the donor community and there are many questions on how to deal with the new reality. Some ideas aim at routing aid away from the PA to NGOs and humanitarian organisations, not dissimilar to the situation prior to 1994. Dependency in foreign aid for humanitarian purposes will sharply increase while at the same time unemployment figures and poverty rates will deteriorate and any development progress made will come undone: Others suggest the creation of new structures parallel to the PA or at least structures through which salaries could be paid - which would again unravel all our capacity building efforts of the past ten years and will only result in a disjointed development effort.

I would plead for a careful examination of all these ideas against the long-term development goals we are pursuing. The failure to provide coordinated leadership will lead to hasty decisions, jeopardizing many years of a democratisation process and institution building and lead to the situation where there truly can be no partner for peace. It is clear to me that the international donor community, especially on the ground, is looking for guidance and leadership in the coming months. If we do not want to see rising tension leading to violence and chaos - particularly just before the Israeli election - we will have to develop urgently a convincing strategy addressing the PA's financial and developmental needs not only in the short-term of the next few weeks but also in a longer time frame. This includes addressing in a constructive way the issues of tax and customs revenues withheld by Israel. It cannot be in Israel's interest to have a sharp deterioration of the economic and humanitarian situation next door.

In the immediate future, I suggest a small meeting be called of key donors and the United Nations at the appropriate level during the second week of March to discuss mechanisms which we can all countenance without violating any of our own laws and policies which would, at the same time, ensure the government structure we have all helped the Palestinians develop over these years is maintained and avoid the chaos that is likely to ensue if we do not adopt a common and effective strategy in the near future.

If we don't get this right, I am afraid past investment in the Palestinian development will be lost, a Palestinian economy will not be sustainable, the Palestinian people will live off humanitarian hand-outs, and security for both Palestinians and Israelis will be in greater jeopardy than it has been for years.

Yours sincerely,

James D. Wolfensohn
Special Envoy for Disengagement

Kofi Annan
United Nations Secretary General
New York, New York

Sergei Lavrov
Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russia

Condoleeza Rice
United States Secretary of State
Washington, D.C.

Ursula Plassnik
Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs
President of the EU Council of Ministers
Vienna, Austria

Benita Ferrero-Waldner
Member of the European Commission
Brussels, Belgium

Javier Solana
High Representative of the European Union
Brussels, Belgium

by Eugene Narrett, Ph.D.
February 27, 2006
1956: USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel:
"Please help us out with this one. You've got to withdraw from the Sinai. We can't have this perception of Western Imperialism in the Arab world. You know how they are..."
What? you have over a hundred murders each year? It's a small price to pay for peace. It's better than 1944, right? You know how they are: we can't reason with them. But you're our friends, we rely on your good judgment. And we're your best friend, your only friend. You've got to withdraw from the Sinai. We don't want any more global increase in anti-Semitism, do we?'
1967: USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel
"Please help us! out with this one. You've got to withdraw from the occupied territories. We can't have this perception of Western Imperialism in the Arab world. You know how they are about western Imperialism. Didn't you say the territories are bargaining chips? Please help us out just this time..."
What? you have over a hundred murders each year? The Auschwitz borders? Isn't that a bit far-fetched? Holy sites? It's a small price to pay for peace. It's better than 1944, right? You know how they are: we can't reason with them. But you're our friends, we rely on your good judgment. You're always so reasonable. Besides, we'll guarantee the peace and your secure and defensible borders. We're your friends, your only friends. You've got to withdraw from the territories, with a few insubstantial modifications. We don't want any more global increase in anti-Semitism, do we? There shouldn't be a major accident, God forbid? You don't want to have an accident! , right"
1978: USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel
"Please help us out with this one. You've got to withdraw from the occupied territories. We can't have this perception of Western Imperialism in the Arab world. You know how they are about western Imperialism. Didn't you say the territories are bargaining chips? Please help us out just this time..."
What? The Auschwitz borders? Isn't that a bit far-fetched? Holy sites? It's a small price to pay for peace. It's better than 1944, right? Why do you need to live in Hebron or the West Bank? You know how they are: we can't reason with them. But you're our friends, we rely on your good judgment. You're always so reasonable. Besides, we're going to guarantee the peace. We'll put peacekeepers in place; nice European boys to guarantee your safety within defensible borders. What's that? No we're not laughing; just a tickle in the throat....
Remember, we're your best friend, your only friend. You've got to withdraw from the territories, with a few insubstantial modifications. We don't want any more global increase in anti-Semitism, do we? There shouldn't be a major accident, God forbid? You don't want to have an accident, right"
1991, Madrid: USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel
"Please help us out with this one. You've got to withdraw from the occupied territories. We can't have this perception of Western Imperialism in the Arab world. You know how they are about western Imperialism. Things are especially delicate now that we had to defend our allies the Kuwaitis. You know how much they mean for our deterrence and, uh, economy. Anyway, didn't y ou say the territories are bargaining chips? No, you didn't but your predecessors did. Please help us out just this time..."
What? The Auschwitz borders again? Isn't that a bit far-fetched? Holy sites? It's a small price to pay for peace. It's better than 1944, right? Why do you need to live in Hebron or the West Bank? We told you to stop the settlers. No, Begin was too easy on them. And you know how the Arabs are: honor means alot to them. They're very proud people. We can't reason with them. And of course we need the oil so badly.
But you're our friends, we rely on your good judgment. You're always so reasonable. Besides, we're going to guarantee the peace. Look, we didn't even ask you to participate in the War. There's a perception that you're not pulling your weight. We have to address this, at least in public. We'll put peacekeepers in place; nice European boys to guarantee your safety within defensible borders. What's that? No we're not laughing; just a tickle in the throat....
Remember, we're your best friend, your only friend. You've got to withdraw from the territories, with a few insubstantial modifications. We don't want any more global increase in anti-Semitism, do we? There shouldn't be a major accident, God forbid? You don't want to have an accident, right" We'll have a peace for a lifetime agreement and academy awards.
1993, Oslo: USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel
"Please help us out with this one. You've got to shake his hand and sign the paper. Yes, on the White House lawn. You know how much I love Jews. So just promise to withdraw from the occupied territories; sure, set limits. You can always take them back if they don't keep their word, and you know they never honor a deal. It's all for the cameras. Do it for me, a favor for a friend. You know we're the liberals and we know Jews love liberals. You help us out, we'll help you out. Some of my best girl friends are Jewish......
Besides, we can't have this perception of Western Imperialism in the Arab world. You know how they are about western Imperialism. Things are especially delicate now after that little nastiness in Waco. Anyway, didn't you say the territories are bargaining chips? No, you didn't but your predecessors did. Please help us out just this time..."
What? The Auschwitz borders again? Isn't that a bit far-fetched? Holy sites? It's a small price to pay for peace. It's better than 1944, right? Why do you need to live in Hebron or the West Bank? We told you to stop the settlers. No, Begin was too easy on them. And you know how the Arabs are: honor means alot to them. They're very proud people. We can't reason with them. And of course we n! eed the oil so badly.
But you're our friends, we rely on your good judgment. You're always so reasonable. Besides, we're going to guarantee the peace. We'll put peacekeepers in place; nice European boys to guarantee your safety within defensible borders. What's that? No we're not laughing; just a tickle in the throat....
And hey, the Secretary of State is Jewish, at least, she used to be a long time ago...
Remember, we're your best friend, your only friend. You've got to withdraw from the territories, with a few insubstantial modifications. We don't want any more global increase in anti-Semitism, do we? There shouldn't be a major accident, God forbid? You don't want to have an accident, right" We'll have a peace-for-a-lifetime agreement and academy awards.
1995; 1997; 2000; 2001 - 06, Oslo II to the Road Map, USA diplomatic & Intelligence services to Israel
Your our friends, our dear, dear friends. And we're your friend, you're only friend. We're so sorry about the late Prime Minister. we'll all be there for his funeral, say, about 10 days before your elections. What? Jonathan Pollard? You don't want to have an accident, do you? The world's a dangerous place, you know. You know that; why, any day that maniac in Iran might do something very regrettable. But we'll be there with the payback, rest assured of that. Glad to see you beginning to work with the new Hamas. If we can, you can. They're going to recognize your right to exist. That will be big news.
This is it; this is the end of concessions. Just brace yourself for this last round of disengagements and we'll put a lasting peace in place. We'll guarantee the agreement. We're your friends, your only friends...................."
Sometimes, there's only one way to solve a problem.