Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mahmoud Abas' military 'wing,' Fatah's al aksa martyr's brigade boasts that it has shot a rocket bearing a bio-chemical warhead into Israel. This is quite possible and the public response of the Olmert administration minimizing the incident is predictable. Only a terrorist attack resulting in major Jewish casualties might, -- repeat, might compel the client regime of Foggy Bottom to respond with significant military force against the jihadists who are in open war against Israel. The Olmert - Peres regime is not going to accept the reality of this until it happens and when it does they cadres in the media and academia will blare that it is because Israel has not withdrawn fast or far enough toward the ocean.
That's how intelligent the "enlightened ones" in Israel are.
The last thing the Olmert - Barak (Supreme Court Judge and militant secularist Aharon Barak) regime wants is to be put in a position where it needs to save face and thus retain its chokehold on Israeli society by meaningfully striking the Arabs. If this clique was to take a major bite out of terrorism it would damage the regime's excuse and means for 'justifying' the alienation of the central portions of the Jewish heritage of land and holy sites.
The suicidal insanity of the jihadists is less mad and more reality-based than it seems. It is based partly on an accurate assessment of the fact that the dominant elites in Israel intend on destroying the Jewish aspects of the state and that therefore terrorism can be escalated with success if it is done steadily with occasional spikes, like the kidnapping of Jewish soldiers built in to move the process along.
The "Palestinian" terrorist groups are not only pawns of Arab states and ruling elites but of the Israeli secular elites that want, 1) to preempt the dawn of a truly Jewish and self-respecting Israel, and 2) to maintain their own socio-political dominance despite their small numbers.
This is why the current occupation of small parts of Gaza by the IDF is so limp, so lacking in major firepower directed against all areas that harbor terrorists and all hostile population centers. This is why the IDF and Olmert regime already, as the Labor "Zionists" did in 1948 are pleading with the Arabs not to flee to Egypt but to stay in the Gaza area: they need to be as close as possible to the Jewish towns they must attack for further withdrawals to be justified until Israel reaches the size that the State deems adequate for its complete servility while also retaining utility as a target for global jihad and a steady source of computer, laser, military and medical technology. That's the game.
Instead of taking grim satisfaction in the imminent destabilization and fall of the Mubarak and Hussein regimes in Egypt and Jordan respectively and their replacement by blatantly jihadist cliques whose activities might embarass Israel into a meaningful military strike, Israel's government is now aligned with American and French diplomats in laboring to extricate the kidnapped Israeli soldier as a means to saving the puppet regimes in Cairo and Amman.
Of course this self-despising treachery is self-defeating for, like the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif it emboldens Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran and only brings closer the inevitable major attack that will force the anti-Jewish client regimes in Jerusalem to strike back decisively or to lose their hold over the IDF and the Jews. Make book on it: when the terrible attack comes, as in 1948, the forces of 'havlaga' (which is mainly a rationalization of the elite's refusal to be Jewish and embrace the birthright) will counter attack only as much as they need to do to maintain their power and facade of legitimacy. And so there will be graver and larger terror strikes until the entire unnatural charade, the wall of whitewashed plaster is swept away by a storm.
Still this game plays on: Israeli reports, aping and aped by the world media, in consonant with jihadist bluster, emphasize the 'dangers' of Israel attacking its enemies throughout Gaza. Mines, booby traps, .... blather. These are serious obstacles only if the politicized IDF, true to form from 1948 to Jenin 2002 uses its ground troops as cannon fodder and refrains from making maximal use of its air force. This of course is what should be done and would reduce the jihadist enclave to the condition of Dresden in late March 1945.
Maybe Rice should order Olmert to do this since it would save Mubarak from the nightmare western diplomacy and islamic imperialism has created in Gaza and so many other places.
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